Dear friends and customers,

everybody is concerned about this serious situation due to the CoViD-19 pandemy, and also FL Parfums (which, as you know, is a one-man-business run by me, Fabio Luisi) is affected by this.

Before I remind you of the steps you can undertake in order to protect yourself and others from the CoViD-19, I would like to stress the fact that this situation will force us to change some of our habits: staying more home, interacting differently, social distancing. But also more time for us, for other acitivities and for family life.

Personally, due to many cancellations of concerts and opera performances, I will be stay home in Switzerland at least for the next two weeks, most likely longer, since I will probably be prevented to travel from Switzerland to the US for upcoming concerts with my orchestra in the US, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

The bad news: I won’t be able to ship orders to the US for the time being. I am contacting the costumers who are waiting for their order asking them whether they want to wait or they prefer a full refund. At the moment I am only able to send orders within Switzerland.

Now the good news: I am working in my lab and developing new perfumes and possibly a new product (details in a newsletter later this week), 

 in this pic just a small teaser 

Can you guess what it could be? It is not a perfume, it is not an air refresher, it is something you will use in your bathroom (no, it is not toilet paper, but somehow related….).

For the first customer who can guess what it is, there will be a free bottle of “Magie d’Oud” (as soon as I can ship it!!!)

For the wonderful singer Ivana Rusko I have developed in few minutes a perfume-skeleton (more an accord than a perfume, actually) which I have perfectioned in the following weeks. It looks like this: (pic 2) and it could be a new FL creation in some months, inspired by the philosophy “non perfume – perfume”. Stay tuned for news about it!

This said, this time is a good possibility, especially in Europe,  where we have more “draconian” rules about behaving in this situation, for reading, listening to music, etc.

Personally I am reading a lot: here my favorites right now

but I also have recommandations for perfume-freaks (like me – and somehow you, if you are reading my lines):

Concerning listening to music, try this:

and of course a playlist where you will find a piece I wrote

Yes, I don’t only compose perfumes, but also write music from time to time

And this is the perfect time to keep writing – the next one will be a piece for Choir a cappella over a poem by Giovanni Pascoli.

These are the news right now, please stay tuned for more newsletters to come from your FL Parfums.

And now:

How to protect yourself

There are currently no vaccines available to protect you against human coronavirus infection. You may be able to reduce your risk of infection by doing the following

  • wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • avoid close contact with people who are sick

How to protect others

If you have cold-like symptoms, you can help protect others by doing the following

  • stay home while you are sick
  • avoid close contact with others
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands
  • clean and disinfect objects and surfaces

(Source: CDC)

L’Illustratrice italiana Francesca Cosanti, ha realizzato per FL Parfums delle fantastiche illustrazioni raffigurando le emozioni scatenate dai profumi:

• Éclectique N. 2
• J’Ose
• La Matin Aprés
• Magie d’Oud
• Matin à Central Park
• Ombre et Lumiere
• Vetiver Soleil

Fabio sta sviluppando un nuovo profumo a base di Oud, e nella sua ricerca per i migliori produttori di sostanze per la profumeria ha trovato un bravissimo distillatore in Indonesia, Il legno di Agar, base per l’olio di Oud, è arrivato e verrà distillato a breve (vedi la fotografia). Fabio ha già effettuato diversi test ed  i risultati sono strabilianti. Rimanete connessi con FL Parfums ed attendete questa nuova creazione!”

The Metropolitan Opera’s new production of Puccini’s Manon Lescaut, directed by Richard Eyre with Kristine Opolais in the title role, which premieres on February 12, will be conducted by Fabio Luisi, the lean, elegant Italian who for the last decade has been steadily delivering great sound from the pit. Enlisted by General Manager Peter Gelb, Luisi started at the Met with Verdi’s Don Carlos in 2005, rose to principal guest conductor in 2010, and was signed to a five-year contract as principal conductor in 2011, after he took over the last two operas of Robert Lepage’s production of Wagner’s Ring cycle for an ailing James Levine. He promptly received a Grammy for Best Opera Recording. This season—his next to last as principal conductor—he is also doing Cavalleria Rusticana/Paglacci and The Marriage of Figaro. Like Levine, he has proved, over 20-some productions, that he is comfortable with all the great composers, from Mozart to Berg.

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“Don D’Amour is perhaps the most elevated, elegant and evocative of the perfumes in the FL house. To me it is at the pinnacle of olfactory beauty. Something rare and precious. It sings on my skin and opens my mind to the world of both dreams and imagination. There is something indeed musical in the notes and creation of Don D’Amour that I find stunning and at times moving.  Truly a wonderful experience in the realm of perfume created by a truly talented nose.”


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Cari amici e clienti,
FL Parfums ha deciso di sospendere la produzione di alcuni profumi in catalogo. Questi profumi vengono ora offerti con uno sconto straordinario ad esaurimento delle scorte, per alcuni di essi c’è disponibilità di pochi flaconi.

Ecco la lista:

– Peau d’un Homme

– Don d’Amour

– N. 7

– La fille Mal Gardée

– Simplicité des Fleurs

– Bois du Vétiver

– Fatalité

– Rève de Roses

– Mechanteries
– Pouvoir Mystique


Perchè questa decisione? Fabio si sta concentrando sulla creazione di nuovi profumi ai quali sta lavorando da diversi mesi, e desidera rdurre l’offerta per sostenere la qualità. Verso il mese di ottobre, FL Parfums lancerà tre, forse quattro nuovi profumi:
– un profumo basato sul Vétiver
– un profumo muschiato/fiorito
– un profumo di stile classico francese
– un prfumo esclusivamente naturale

Per questo motivo i profumi della lista vengono ora offerti con uno sconto del 40%, fino ad esaurimento delle scorte.

Tenete presente che gli ordini pervenuti da ora fino al 7 Luglio potranno essere spediti in Luglio: ordini effettuati dopo il 7 Luglio verranno spediti in Agosto, ordini effettuati dopo il 13 Agosto verranno spediti in Settembre.

La vendita dei Samples verrà ripresa in Settembre.