Where my raw substances come from

Azienda Agricola Agrigallo

San Carlo / Reggio Calabria - Italy

Fabio has started a cooperation with the company Agrigallo in San Carlo (Calabria), which produces the best citruses for perfumery. 

Jasmine / Plumeria


FL Parfums maintains a partnership with a small organic Olii factory in Indonesia. Mohammed is a passionate producer of splendid Oud oils, and has recently produced Jasmine (Jasmin Sanbac) and Frangipani (Plumeria) oils according to the ancient, and unfortunately now out of use, the method of the Enfleurage. Unlike distillation, Enfleurage uses tables sprinkled with grease on which the very fresh flowers of Jasmine (or Frangipani) are placed, which saturate the fat with their perfume, which is then cold extracted from the fat itself.

This procedure is the ancient procedure invented in the 17th century in the home of perfumery, in Grasse in Provence, but which practically no one uses. The advantage of the Enfleurage compared to distillation is a higher quality oil, due to cold extraction.